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Fred’s Legacy

WELCOME to As my father, Fred Scherer’s new site is launched, I feel barely up to the task. Here is another beginning, of keeping his art and his life’s work present. I want to hear from you if you’ve got additions, corrections, stories, or insights, or images that you want to share. If you have painted with Fred or been influenced or inspired by him, please share your  own work. Send to

Here below is an excerpt from an email from Bob Kirshner who bought their house in Friendship, Maine:

Something completely different!  Fred’s “Sun and Moon” kinetic sculpture. When we were first looking at the house, this was right in front, and seemed to an astronomer like a message to buy this place.  We did.  When the wooden base rotted a few years ago, the whole thing collapsed.  With the help of an artisan blacksmith, we rebuilt it and relocated it to the meadow below the house. The wind was from the north today and the sculpture was swinging around with the gale as we accumulated 14 inches of fresh snow.  Every time we see this move, we think of Fred & Cicely’s lively spirits.