Scherer in AMNH Hall Preparation, 1934

WELCOME to As my father, Fred Scherer’s new site is launched, I feel barely up to the task. Here is another beginning, of keeping his art and his life’s work present. I want to hear from you if you’ve got additions, corrections, stories, or insights, or images that you want to share. If you have painted with Fred or been influenced or inspired by him, please share your  own work or a link. Send to

Visit: Cicely Aikman (1923 – 2013), Fred’s wife and artist at

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Thank you to Sean Murtha, Gary Hoyle, Steve Quinn, Michael Anderson, Joyce Cloughly, to the American Museum of Natural History New York City, Ann McQuade, Jan Ellen Scherer-Dufner, Kim Scherer and many others for all their help with Fred’s work, their collections, and Fred’s story.

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